Friday, January 30th, 2015

Fine Lines Lingerie Memory Collection

Cost- Bra: $44.95 Lift- 10/10 Separation- 10/10 Quality- 10/10 Shape- 10/10 Material- 10/10 Appearance-10/10 Over All- 10/10 Bra Queen’s Comments- This Memory Collection by Fine Lines is like no other I have seen, the memory foam is so unique and feels so divine on the skin it’s incredible. The Memory Foam shapes and moulds to [...]

My Latest Rant & Lingerie Misconduct

Excuse me while I put on my ranty pants! I haven’t worn them in a while but sometimes misconduct in the lingerie industry just requires them. Did you hear the latest news in the media? Department stores will be sourcing and making their own labels in order to reduce costs by cutting out the middle [...]

I have a confession to make…

You know all of us have our little things that drive us crazy don’t we? Mine? LEGGINS ARE NOT PANTS!!!! There I said it and it’s off my chest. Monique Alamedine has a serious distaste for muffin tops and plumbers crack. However due to the recent craze of hipster pants there has been an all [...]

The Final Verdict On The Sports Bra Campaign?

Around 6 weeks ago we embarked on a quest to find the best sports bra for larger bra sizes. It has always been one of our most frequently asked questions so we thought we would take it to the people. Our first step We asked our community to tell us their favourite sports bras for [...]

The Best Plus Size Sports Bra

The 3rd Sports Bra Company on our top 3 list is Moving Comfort, now I have to say that this was a trial for Larger Cup Sports Bras and Moving Comfort only go up to an E Cup. However they were included in this trial because they are one of the very few companies who [...]

The Best Sports Bra For Fuller Cups Sizes

Next on our mission to discover the best sports bra for larger cup sizes is Freya Active Sports Bra. We reviewed and trialled 3 of Freya Lingerie’s Sports Bras 1. Freya Active Moulded 2. Freya Active Underwire 3. Freya Active Soft Cup (Non Underwire) We had high expectations on them delivering a great product from [...]

The Best Sports Bra For Larger Cup Sizes

Catch 22. You’re bigger busted, plus size or have fuller figure and you want to lose weight and get fit but you can’t because every time you run, walk or do any form of exercise your breasts are going up and down you feel like you’re going to knock yourself out. Jokes aside it has [...]

Underwear of Sweden’s Swimmable Underwear Is Making Waves!

You know sometimes you just stumbled across a product that takes you away, in a time when we are so busy and we have little time to embrace and enjoy life. It’s nice, it’s to be reminded of a time where you are free and have a perfect work / life balance. When I think [...]

BRA REVIEW- Elomi Lingerie, Caitlyn

Cost- $84.95 Lift- 10/10 Separation- 10/10 Quality- 10/10 Shape- 10/10 Material- 10/10 Appearance-10/10 Over All- 10/10        

BRA REVIEW- Target Bras

We recently discovered that the lingerie sector was the only sector in retail that increased in sales over the last quarter, so it was no shock when we seen Target launch an extravagant advertising campaign. Naturally I am keen to review and experience this “Everyday” bra, “where the bra you buy is the bra that [...]

Lingerie & Swimwear That Pops!

Oh how I long for variety in lingerie and swimwear… come to think of it! We have such an amazing multi cultural society with a great mix of everything we ever need right at our fingertips. Maybe you can tell me why we see the same lingerie in every shop we go into? Why do [...]

This is something I get asked all the time, what is the best lingerie? What is the best bra? My answer is there is no one bra that I think is the best because different bras suit different bodies. However I do think that some companies do really well when then they design their bras [...]

Why Luxury Lingerie?

Are you someone who loves luxury lingerie and  pretty lingerie? Or do you wonder why on earth do people actually want designer lingerie and lovely lingerie? It’s exquisite and they are made perfectly for the female form so they fit like a glove. The quality and structure allows you to wear them everyday It’s a [...]

The Best Cheap Bras Under $50

Lingerie for less that is the question in the mouths of everybody’s lips, our research shows that the majority of people would like to buy bras under $50. You don’t really want to sacrifice quality for price and that is what usually happens. However eventually you will find the gold nugget or good cheap bras. [...]

What is the best sports bra?

Is one of our most frequently asked questions, which sports bra reduces the most bounce? Berlei sports bra and Triumph sports bra are the most popular sports bras for smaller cups. The best selling doesn’t always mean the best it means they are the ones readily available. Whether you wear Berlei Sports, Triumph, Champion, Enell, [...]