Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Bra Review- Ultimo Gel Bra


Ultimo Gel Bra A to D Cups

Cost- $59.95
Lift- 9/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 9/10
Shape- 9/10
Material- 10/10
Appearance- 10/10

Over All- 9/10

Bra Queen’s Comments-
This bra looks absolutely divine on; the shape is so round, the lift is fantastic and the material makes it so super comfortable to wear. You don’t even know you’re wearing it. Alot of push up bras make your breasts look pointy and not quite right but this push up bra will give any gal the va va voom they want/need.

You know me those words rarely escape these lips. For $60 they are so affordable and that’s imported….great value considering Australia’s biggest intimate apparel retailer is the same price and the quality, shape, lift and support is no where near as good as this little number. Best of all you can wear this under anything it is the perfect t-shirt bra.

You can go to www.ultimo.co.uk to check it out


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